Netcraft Summer Internship

16th September 2023

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I’ve had an amazing time this summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Netcraft. This has not only been my first experience of a summer internship but also my first time working full time in a software engineering role.

This has been an invaluable experience and I’m so grateful to everyone at Netcraft for being so supportive and creating an environment where interns are truly part of the team and can contribute meaningfully to the business.

Throughout the internship I have not been able to put my existing frontend development skills to good use but also had to be adaptable and learn new languages such as Perl. I experienced what it is like working in a large codebase and alongside other team members. I also really enjoyed having the scope to come up with and implement my own ideas to improve our internal and customer facing services.

This has been a brilliant experience and motivated me further to continue in my studies with the aim of getting a job in the industry.