Chair of the Surrey Youth Cabinet

25th March 2022

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I am delighted to announce that I have been duly elected Chair of the Surrey Youth Cabinet.

This is an exciting time for me and the group with many project ideas being discussed for the year ahead.

I have shared below my message to the Surrey Youth Cabinet when standing for the role.

I have been a member of the Surrey Youth Cabinet for over 3 years now during a period of rapid growth and change for the group. Throughout this time, I have seen SYC evolve and move from strength to strength - a process which I hope to continue advancing as Chair.

Personally, the opportunities offered by the youth cabinet have had a big impact on teaching me new skills and helping me to develop as a person - from public speaking and communication to teamwork and collaboration. Therefore I am extremely grateful to have been a member of SYC and wish to give back to the group. This is the reason that I would be honoured to take on the role of Chair. I think the time is right for me to step up and work for the benefit of the whole Surrey Youth Cabinet and its vital role in representing the voices of young people.

I also believe that I have a range of experience that will be beneficial to successfully leading the group. My experience in other local youth voice groups means that I am used to taking on board the opinions of others and ensuring that everyone is heard. I also have practical experience in planning and working through meeting agendas which will be useful to ensure that SYC runs on time and clear decisions are always reached.

Finally, I would like to set out a key point where I wish to change SYC for the better. Since I joined the group, I have been a strong advocate for the importance of project work to ensure that the youth cabinet delivers tangible benefits for young people throughout Surrey. As Chair, I would take an active role in keeping on top of the projects and ensuring group leaders are effectively progressing their tasks. I would also aim for more time in meetings to be spent moving these ideas forward and getting everyone involved.

In summary, I would love to be able to take on the important role of Chair and dive into the task of making the Surrey Youth Cabinet the best it can be. I hope that with the support of all members, we can continue to be successful in providing a vital platform for the opinions and concerns of young people in the county.