Jacob Wrenn


As an A Level Computer Science student I have a wide array of practcial experience developing full-stack mobile applications and websites. I have also undertaken work experience in the industry to expand my transferrable skills on planning, open source methods, presentation and marketing. My aim is to use technology to improve our way of life and contribute to making online and mobile services that are enjoyable to use.


Gordon’s School Sixth Form (2020-)

  • A Level Computer Science
  • A Level Maths
  • A Level Economics

Tomlinscote School (2015-2020)

  • GCSE Computer Science - 9
  • GCSE Maths - 9
  • GCSE English Language - 9
  • GCSE History - 9
  • GCSE Physics - 9
  • GCSE Chemistry - 9
  • GCSE Biology - 9
  • GCSE French - 9


Surrey Young Mayor

  • As the first every Surrey Young Mayor, I helped shape the role and its goals for the future
  • I championed the voices of young people across Surrey
  • I worked closely with the Chairman and Vice Chair of Surrey

Chair of the Surrey Heath Youth Council

  • I ran projects directly acting on local young people’s concerns
  • I gained experience writing agendas and charing meetings
  • I worked with charities to coordinate the budget and promote the group’s vision

Member of Surrey Youth Cabinet

  • I worked closely with MYPs and Surrey councillors
  • I promoted young people’s concerns at a county and national level
  • My key focus was improving communication between borough and district youth councils

Work Experience

Red Hat

  • I gained an insight into the operations of a large tech business
  • I learnt how to work in an agile way with open source methods and plan successful projects
  • I experienced giving presentations to large numbers of senior staff

Skills and Achievements

App Development for Tomlinscote School

  • I developed two full-stack web and mobile apps used daily in the school
  • I expanded my knowledge of node.js, Javascript PWAs, Flutter, Swift and MongoDB
  • I learnt how to coordinate a team and use tools like git and CI/CD

Team Leadership

  • At the Surrey Heath Youth Council and Surrey Youth Cabinet I have had to lead diverse teams
  • I have used technolgy to help people work better including governors at a local school
  • I ensured people had a role where they could contribute best

Project Planning

  • I have delivered a number of projects in my volunteering roles
  • I have worked with organising venues, guest speakers and tecnological aspects
  • I have ensured that time schedules were followed and budgets adhered to

Awards and Certifications

  • Diana Award 2018
  • Asdan Youth Voice Award
  • Tomlinscote Cup for Innovation
  • Tomlinscote Learner of the Year 2016, 2018
  • Apple Teacher