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Reward Points



Re­ward Points is the new way to track stu­dent achieve­ment, log house totals and more in your school.

Cre­ated by stu­dents for simple and in­tu­it­ive use by stu­dents and teach­ers, Re­ward Points gives you the in­form­a­tion you need to know. Our col­our­ful charts and graphs fea­ture live up­dates and slick an­im­a­tions to cap­ture the ac­tion and feel the team spir­it.

Our teach­er pan­el al­lows the ef­fort­less or­gan­isa­tion of your stu­dents by class as well as a fast and ef­fi­cient search. Data ex­port func­tion­al­ity al­lows you to make the most of your fa­vour­ite spread­sheet soft­ware and share with your school com­munity.

Con­tact me to find out how your school can join the Re­ward Points move­ment.

Restricted to Tomlinscote School users.

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