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No­ti­fyd is the quick and easy way to share in­form­a­tion in your school.

With a slick, fast and in­tu­it­ive in­ter­face, staff and stu­dents will al­ways be up to date with the latest no­tices and an­nounce­ments. Nev­er lose im­port­ant de­tails amongst over­flow­ing email in­boxes again with No­ti­fyd’s clev­er design that en­cour­ages short and ac­cur­ate mes­sages.

Staff will find it simple to se­lect one of the no­tice­boards - cus­tom­ised to your school - and share in­form­a­tion us­ing their ex­ist­ing user­name and pass­word. Stu­dents will love the per­son­al no­tice­board that tail­ors the mes­sages shown to only what they need.

Con­tact me to find out how your school can join the No­ti­fyd move­ment!

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